Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Simple guide to the removals

How to protect your goods for transport?
All goods such as furniture, electronics and appliances, pianos, antique cabinets, etc. are secured on the car, layered with soft materials or cartons that none of the individual parts are wiped up with another. So your furniture is 100% safe.

How to efficiently organize the move?

You already know the date of your move? Call your man and van and arrange a convenient time for you. During a conversation with the consultant you can request a quote for your home in person at an earlier date.
This will further bring the cost of moving, and helpful staff should answer all your questions, advise on the security of goods, or the need to protect the furniture.

How to further protect the transported goods?

FURNITURE - tables and other pieces of furniture should be emptied, additionally remove loose shelves, especially if the glass could break. Remove the keys protruding elements. Drawers can remain in place. The prepared wardrobe can wrap stretch film.

WHITE GOODS (major appliances) - wrap refrigerator with stretch film or tape to prevent opening the door. The best secure to drum machine is duct tape.

SMALL APPLIANCES - please pack to the original shipping carton, but if you do not have them, they can be packed into bags or boxes close to original.

OTHER- books, dishes, cleaning, and various small items are packed in cardboard boxes if you need special care such as glass, the box must be filled in addition newspapers or other soft materials and describe "fragile glass!" . Clothes, bed sheets and other light items, please pack in plastic bags.

What else you need to remember?

  • Pay attention to the day and hour to avoid traffic jams and other obstacles
  • Prepare a parking space for the commercial vehicle


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